BTC Price Index and Live Chart – CoinDesk”>(BTC) soaring to at least $170,000 after the halving in April, when the number of new bitcoin entering circulation shrinks again.

Scaramucci told Scott Melker on his podcast, “Go back and examine Bitcoin halving cycles.” “The day Bitcoin halves, multiplied by four [and] then 18 months later it was uncanny to see the price of Bitcoin.”

“I am using a $35,000 figure at the halving, and that is conservative. Let’s say in April we are at $50,000. Then it will be a $200,000 deal. He said that if we were at $60,000 in April, the handle would be $240,000.

Scaramucci’s long-term target for bitcoin is half the value of the gold market, or roughly $400,000.

Scaramucci had previously revealed that he was BlackRock’s first external investor before its approval on 11 January.

Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, was known for his skepticism about bitcoin before BlackRock expressed interest in an ETF. Fink, who has been a skeptic of bitcoin before his company filed the paperwork to create an ETF in June, has now changed his mind and called himself a “big believer” in public interviews.

Scaramucci stated, “I am going to give Larry credit because Larry did the research [on bitcoin]”. “It’s a smart leader who can say bitcoin is a rip-off and then say 24 months later, ‘I was wrong. BlackRock should be involved in this.’

Stephen Alpher edited the book.