The price of Aptos native token APT was around $7 on Wednesday, despite the fact that a large number of tokens were unlocked.

TokenUnlocks reported that early Wednesday morning, 4,54 million APT tokens worth approximately $32 million were unlocked. Tokens valued at $22.5 million have been distributed among community members. Aptos Foundations received $9.4 millions in tokens.

To prevent big bag holders, such as early investors or project team members from selling all their coins at once, and causing a price crash. Token unlocks can be considered a bearish move, since they increase liquidity and allow for profit-taking from those who get coins as part of the unlock.

, according to, market analyst Ton Dunleavy, the APT unlock, which amounted to only 2.2% of APT’s total supply, was worth nearly 38% the average APT 30-day trading volume. This could have pushed prices down.

APT remains flat at $7. Its recent trading range was $6.8-$7.3. Aptos ‘s plan , which aims to improve the blockchain’s ability to handle tokenized assets like tokenized real-estate and in-game currency, may have helped the cryptocurrency remain resilient.

APT’s sideways trading is in line with Bitcoin’s (BTC’s) rangebound trade ahead of the important U.S. Inflation Report.

traders now expect an explosion of volatility in bitcoin. This could feed APT and other alternative coins.

Parikshit Miishra is the editor.