• The trading firm has appointed Julien Auchecorne to head the New Ventures Division. He previously held positions at Brevan Howard and XBTO International.
  • Ben Roth, the CIO of the firm, told CoinDesk that they have already invested “closes to $20 million” into several projects such as Pyth and Berachain in recent quarters.

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Auros, a crypto trading firm and market maker, said in an interview with CoinDesk in which it was granted exclusive access that its newly-established venture capital arm intends to invest over $50 million in digital assets at the early stages in the next two year.

Auros Ventures has been appointed by the company to lead its investment efforts. Julien Auchecorne will be the head of Auros Ventures. Auchecorne has held positions at Brevan Howard, XBTO International and other traditional and crypto investment firms.

The announcement is made at a moment when investments in crypto VC have recovered during the first half 2024 following a grueling drought of capital after the dramatic collapse of crypto firms like FTX in 2020 as many investors lost confidence or shifted to other hot narratives such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Auros has also reached a new milestone after was badly affected by FTX’s collapse in late 2022. Auros’ co-founder Ben Roth, CIO, said that in an interview that Auros estimates that it now handles about 4% of global crypto trading volumes on exchanges.

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Auros has now followed major market makers Cumberland DRW and Wintermute in establishing venture capital businesses on top of their core business. Roth told CoinDesk that before establishing Auros’ ventures division, the company had already invested over $20 million in close to a dozen projects since the third quarter 2023.

These investments include the data provider Pyth and high-performance layer-1 Blockchain Berachain, as well as many infrastructure projects and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePin) and stakes in exchanges.

Roth told CoinDesk the VC arm focuses primarily on helping businesses scale their operations. Auros is a “power user” for the services. Roth said that Auros is a “power user” of the VC arm’s services.

Auchecorne, speaking about Auros’ approach to allocating money, explained that the firm plans to “concentrate bets” primarily in seed and Series A stage projects. Auros will focus on areas where “the next billion recurring users” of crypto will come.

He said, “We don’t want to carpet-bomb the industry with checks.”

Parikshit Miishra is the editor.