Noah Sharp, former deputy CEO at crypto banking company BCB Group has left the firm, the company informed CoinDesk Friday.

Sharp was hired by BCB Group a year before to help expand their business internationally.

The BCB Group announced last week that it had terminated its planned purchase of the 100-year-old Sutor Bank, more than a full year after it was first announced. It cited regulatory delays and changing market conditions.

Oliver von Landsberg Sadie, CEO BCB Group, said: “I hired Noah to be my deputy in order to scale the business. We will focus on integrating and extending what would have become our German bank acquisition, Sutor Bank.” Noah decided to pursue a fintech opportunity outside of BCB Group due to the changes in the banking and regulatory landscape and his decision to walk away from the bank acquisition.

Sharp has joined BCB Group after serving as the chief banking officer at Paysafe. He was responsible for leading Paysafe’s global banking and payment division. Sharp spent a few years at Standard Chartered and Deutsche Bank, where he was the chief banking officer.

Oliver Knight is the editor.