Ben Armstrong, a brash crypto influencer, whose meteoric rise as “Bitboy”, a vlogger, came to naught under scandals involving corporate and personal affairs, has decided to stop his daily livestreams after three years.

Armstrong, in an emotional video uploaded to his Youtube channel, said that his daily shows where he discussed crypto-trends were no longer economically viable and cost $25,000 per week to produce. He claimed to spend “about $100,000 per month” on legal fees.

We’re barely getting out of here, guys. He said, “I’ve got lawyers from all angles coming at me,” in the 10-minute video which had received 18,000 views by late Wednesday. “Everyone that I know is after me now.”

Armstrong is better known as Bitboy, the fast-talking, hard-charging crypto personality. From 2018, he published price predictions and news videos that featured headlines such as “Make IMPOSSIBLE gains with Bitcoin SUPERCYCLE”, which garnered thousands of views.

It was not only a source of entertainment but also advice for a segment of the crypto trading community. Armstrong created his own cryptocurrency, $BEN coin, in mid-2023.

Decrypt reports that was removed from BitBoy shortly after the token’s release due to “serious personal allegations.” Armstrong later sued, the company who owns the trademark.

This was the beginning of a messy series of events, including the disclosure that Armstrong had an affair with BEN Coin’s CEO and his detention in the home of former business partners – both which occurred on the same Livestream.

Nikhilesh De.