The tokens that power the BNB Chain blockchain and the Solana blockchain have risen by as much as 10 percent in the last 24 hours, posting the biggest gains among the major tokens.

BNB was up 6.7% at 08:50 UTC. This reversed all losses for the week after Binance announced yesterday a token sales to fund on-chain analytics software Arkham. Investors must own BNB in order to participate. The ARKM token sale has a cap of $2.5m with a maximum contribution of $15,000 per user.

CoinGecko shows that the trading volume of BNB tokens has increased four-fold in the last 24 hours to $1.2 billion, a level four times higher than the previous day. Some large holders have deposited millions of tokens in Binance ahead of the ARKM sales.

The increase in SOL price is a result of the growth of the Solana-based deFi eco-system, which has added around $25 million in locked values since July.

Mantle Network, an Ethereum layer-2 project, is voting for a $200,000,000 ecosystem fund. Recent proposals seek to raise $100 million and allocate $100 million of its treasury to support the network’s development for the next 3 years.

Over 99.5% support and the proposal. This gives crypto developers and investors another blockchain with a large amount of funding to use in the next bull run.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) remains stable above $30,000, despite the fact that overall liquidity and trading volume are showing signs of stagnation. Glassnode data shows that the number wallets with at least one bitcoin hit a record high of 1,008,737 in the past week. This suggests decentralization.

  • Abracadabra Finance’s vote on Kava’s blockchain to deploy the application is almost complete. The community has voted 100% in favor. As part of this move, Kava will provide nearly 1 million dollars worth of KAVA tokens for the DeFi lending application.

Sheldon Reback is the editor.