The latest update to Bitcoin Core, which is the main open-source software connecting the blockchain that powers the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, , has now gone live.

The v26.0 update contains experimental support for Bitcoin Improve Proposal 324(BIP324). This protocol aims to encrypt communications between nodes, reducing the risk of attacks through tampering transactions.

According to the proposal, “this proposal for a P2P protocol (v2) seeks to improve on this by increasing the costs of performing these attacks significantly, primarily through unauthenticated and opportunistic transportation encryption.” The proposal states that the “encryption is a key benefit, as it prevents eavesdropping even if it is unauthenticated. It is only used if both endpoints are compatible with v2 and is only used in cases where both endpoints have v2 installed.”

V1 remains the existing transport protocol. V2 must be enabled by the user in order to use it.

BIP324 is the brainchild of Dhruvkaran, a prominent Core contributor who left the project in April 2014 and focused on a Bitcoin startup idea.

The upgrade includes a number of changes, including changes to the remote call procedure (RPC) and to Bitcoin’s GUI (graphical user interface).

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