Casa, the popular cryptocurrency self-custody company that has historically been focused solely on the Bitcoin blockchain added support for Ethereum Wednesday, finalizing an expansion plan announced in late 2017.

Casa’s newly redesigned app provides private key management for bitcoin ( BTC), ether ( ETH), and other Ethereum-related assets, such as non-fungible (NFT) tokens, ERC-20 tokens or stablecoins.

Due to their simplicity, large centralized platforms are the preferred choice for crypto users. The collapse of companies like BlockFi and FTX last year, as well as the current legal issues plaguing Binance, Coinbase, have made consumers apprehensive. billions of dollars were withdrawn after each scandal.

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Companies such as Jack Dorsey’s financial-technology company Block (SQ), have begun moving in the self-custody area. Casa, which has been around for five years, is now reaffirming its position by offering private-key-management services, previously available only to bitcoin customers, to ether users.

Casa CEO Nick Neuman said to CoinDesk that “securing ETH is our most common customer request.” This was the main reason for building Ethereum support.

Casa’s services are based on Multisignature functionality or “multisig”. Multisig crypto wallets need more than one signature in order to spend money. Casa users holding ether would have 3 keys available to sign transactions, but only 2 would be needed at any one time.

Casa will sign transactions using the third key if the user loses the first key.

Neuman stated, “We have seen the problems associated with centralized custodians.” We’ve seen the importance of letting people hold their own keys. We are just providing software to make the keys easier to use.

Bradley Keoun is the editor.