Luke Dashjr , a Bitcoin Core Developer, , posted on X Tuesday , “Inscriptions” are exploiting a vulnerable in Bitcoin Core to spam blockchain.

The number of transactions that an order generates could be the spam Dashjr was referring to.


Data from the blockchain shows that over 260,000 transactions are unconfirmed, driving up the cost of completing a transaction. Memory usage is also above the 300mb limit, due to the large size of inscription transactions.

“Bitcoin Core has, since 2013, allowed users to set a limit on the size of extra data in transactions they relay or mine (`-datacarriersize`). Inscriptions circumvent this limit by obscuring their data in the form of program code,” Dashjr added.

Binance temporarily halted bitcoin withdrawals in May when Ordinals became popular. The network was overloaded , and the number unconfirmed transaction spiked, to 400,000.

There are many who say that Dashjr and Ordinals are both derivatives of Bitcoin’s Blockchain.

Jason Fang, co-founder and managing partner at Bitcoin-heavy Sora Ventures disagrees. He argues that Bitcoin retains its original consensus, with innovations built on the top.

He said that “Inscriptions cannot be stopped.” This gives the miners higher fees and profits.

In the depths last year’s Crypto Winter, a lot of miners were in need of bailout. were also being hard hit due to a bad trifecta: a low bitcoin price, increasing difficulty.

Fang says that many people are angry about inscriptions, because they feel they have missed out on the profits and attention brought by Ordinals and BRC-20 investments.

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Shaurya malwa is the editor.