• Since Sept. 2023 Marathon has mined approximately $15 million worth of KAS tokens.
  • The miner will start mining Kaspa with 30 machines worth 30 petahashes.

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BTC Price Index and Live Chart – CoinDesk”>(BTC) miner Marathon Digital (MARA) is now a multi-coin crypto miner, after it started mining layer 1 protocol Kaspa <a data-position="autolink" href="https://coindesk.com/price/kaspa/" title="Kaspa Price

Kaspa is a Proof-of-Work (PoW), consensus mechanism that uses GHOSTDAG. Unlike bitcoin, Kaspa allows for multiple blocks to appear simultaneously. According to a Marathon statement, this process speeds up transactions and gives miners more block rewards.

Adam Swick said in a statement that “By mining Kaspa we are able create a revenue stream that is diversified and directly linked to our core competency in digital asset computation.”

Kaspa’s token price is up nearly 50% in the past year. Bitcoin has increased by 44%. The CoDesk Index has risen by nearly 16% over the same period.

Marathon began mining Kaspa last September after bringing online the first mining computer. According to a statement, the miner purchased 60 petahash of mining machines which can generate profits of up to 95 percent. Marathon currently has mining rigs worth 30 petahash in Texas. The rest will be operational by the third quarter. The company has mined about $15 million worth of KAS.

Bitcoin miners are looking to diversify after the crypto winter. The recent halving of revenue has also made this industry more competitive. Many miners are now using their existing infrastructure for artificial Intelligence and other computing requirements. Some miners have chosen to monetize the other layers of bitcoin in order to generate extra revenue.

UPDATE: The headline and subheadline have been updated to reflect the amount of tokens that were mined. In addition, the 5th paragraph has been changed to include 30 petahashes worth of machines.

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