Larry Fink, a bullish man on Friday, spoke about the increased demand for cryptocurrency among gold investors.

The CEO of BlackRock, an asset manager with $8.5 trillion in assets, said that “more and more gold investors” have asked about the role of cryptocurrency over the past five years. He highlighted the role ETFs have played in democratizing gold access, just as they can do for crypto.

He said: “If you take a look at how our dollar has depreciated over the past two months, and how it has appreciated in the past five years… an international crypto-product can really surpass that.” “We believe that there are great opportunities, and this is why we see more and more interest.” The interest is global and broad.

BlackRock submitted an application last month to list a bitcoin spot ETF with a surveillance sharing agreement built in. This could be the deciding element in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) approval of such a product, after rejected dozens applications in recent years.

Fink said, “We’ll make sure that, as with any new market, BlackRock’s brand is on it. We’ll also protect it.”

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Stephen Alpher edited the book.