Exchange Infrastructure Provider 0x has launched a set of new application programming interfaces to give crypto developers tools to create financial products that will allow for faster trading, better pricing and a better user experience.

According to the statement, this new project includes five APIs. These include “Swap API,” a channel that connects developers with more than 100 exchanges and “Tx Relay API,” a tool for trading without fees. A communication channel is an API that allows computers to talk with each other.

Will Warren, co-founder of 0x, explained in an interview with CoinDesk that the announcement on Thursday “represents for us a major shift.” The 0x Team has helped develop several popular crypto wallets for retail, including Robinhood Wallet, MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. With the new platform, however, the team is better equipped to offer professional-grade tools for institutions.

Warren stated that “[Decentralized Exchanges] technology is a constant arms-race to provide better prices.” “There are now a lot of different aggregators, meta-aggregators, and providing the best pricing and execution is something that we are constantly challenged to do because the competition doesn’t stop and neither does it.”

Stephen Alpher, Mark Nacinovich and Stephen Alpher edited the book.

UPDATE (April 20, 16 :16 UTC:): Updates the name of 0x.