Bloomberg reported on Friday that the Federal Deposit Insurance Co. guaranteed uninsured accounts at Silicon Valley Bank, benefiting not only small startups but also larger players like venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. The report stated that when the FDIC took over Silicon Valley Bank in March, they guaranteed accounts above the federal deposit insurance threshold of $250,000, and also covered more than $900,000,000 of uninsured funds held by Kanzhun Ltd. a Chinese technology company which owns Boss Zhipin – a job posting app – as well as $1 billion from Sequoia. According to the report, FDIC informed Bloomberg that it had accidentally released a list of unredacted depositors and asked them not to share or destroy it. Bloomberg had requested the document under the Freedom of Information Act. The FDIC responded by releasing it to Bloomberg. After a government lawyer said that the FDIC had planned to keep the details of the list secret due to its confidential financial and commercial information, the FDIC declined to comment. Bloomberg reported that a Sequoia representative did not respond to questions.