Brian Armstrong , CEO of Coinbase, asked on Twitter his 1.2M followers on Wednesday night if any Coinbase clients who are Bank of America customers had their account closed due to their transactions with the exchange.

Armstrong was aware that stories were circulating on Twitter regarding suspicious account closures by the banking giant. Some users believed these to be related to cryptocurrency activity.

The poll was conducted by Armstrong and the results were released at press time.

Armstrong’s tweet came after Muneeb Ali , the co-creator of bitcoin layer-2 platform Stacks , Tweeted on Tuesday that his Bank of America personal bank account had been closed for no apparent reason. Ali says that the reason for the closure of his personal Bank of America account was the Coinbase transactions he performed through the account.

Ali tweeted: “This is a war on Bitcoin and crypto.” “We won’t remain silent.”

In an interview with CoinDesk Ali revealed that he had deliberately chosen his Bank of America as the only account where he conducted Coinbase transactions. Ali stated that he had “kept all other bank accounts “clean” because he knew the Bank of America account was at risk.

In recent weeks, several people who experienced sudden closures of their Bank of America accounts have shared their frustrations on Twitter. The closures weren’t necessarily related to their crypto activities.

, a user , tweeted Tuesday about their account being closed without notice or explanation despite several attempts to contact a bank customer representative. CoinDesk reported that the person in question had not performed any crypto transactions.

UPDATE: (July 13, 16,43 UTC) Ali’s quote added.

Nelson Wang is the editor.