Canadian police warn cryptocurrency investors about a growing trend of home burglaries

Canadian police warn cryptocurrency investors about a growing trend of home burglaries

The perpetrators have posed as delivery drivers to gain access to victims’ homes and steal cryptocurrency.


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Canadian police have issued a warning to the public about a possible trend in which high-value cryptocurrency holders are being robbed at their homes.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Richmond, a town south of Vancouver, reported that several similar robberies involving crypto investors had occurred during the past 12 months.

Staff Sergeant Gene Hsieh, of the Richmond RCMP Major Crime Unit, said that someone was “targeting [these victims] for cryptocurrency”, and he believed a public alert was needed for public safety.

The RCMP did not release any specific details about the incidents, but said that in each incident the perpetrator pretended to be a delivery driver before robbing the victim .

The suspects gain entry to the victim’s house by pretending to be delivery men or people of authority. Once inside, the suspects steal the victims’ information to gain access to their cryptocurrency account.

Staff Sergeant Jill Long, of the Delta Police Investigation Services, said that the suspects appeared to know the victims were “heavily invested” in cryptocurrency and also knew where they lived.

The police department has confirmed that they have made a single arrest, but not whether the incidents are connected. The investigation is still ongoing, so the police department did not disclose any specifics about the incidents.

The department recommended that to avoid home robberies, you should not let strangers or delivery men into your house.

In case of doubt, call the delivery company and ask them to verify the person’s ID. If danger appears imminent, contact the authorities.

The police recommended that valuables and financial data be stored in a safe place within the home, like a safety container.

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Police recommend that you only discuss financial issues in private, not on social media and with trusted friends.

Five men who were allegedly duped by Canada’s self-proclaimed “Crypto king” — Aiden Pleterski – allegedly kidnapped him, falsely jailed him and assaulted him in March.

According to of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, one man, who had reportedly invested 560,000 Canadian dollars (740,000 Canadian Dollars) in the scheme, has been charged with the kidnapping of Pleterski.

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