Coinbase offers its users a means to communicate.

The publicly-traded crypto company announced Wednesday that its wallet product would support encrypted messaging. The new feature allows any two Ethereum addresses to communicate – as long as they plug into the same messaging protocol, XMTP.

Coinbase’s integration with Web3 messaging is the most extensive. The wallet has 1.3 million usernames. Even more Ethereum addresses are available for messaging, including those on Web3’s social platform Lens.

Siddharth C. Prabhu, Director of Product Development at Coinbase, said: “Coinbase enables users to easily transfer their conversations from 450+ applications that are built on XMTP into Coinbase Wallet.” Its infrastructure allows Coinbase Wallet to be permissionless and interoperable, while giving users full ownership of their messages and transactions via their personal on-chain identity.

The messages sent and received by crypto wallets are not recorded on the blockchain. (This is different from asset transfers). XMTP message travels across a network of nodes that are controlled by XTMP Labs. The company said that it was working to centralize the network over time.

Nick Baker is the editor.