Ledger, the hardware wallet maker, announced an integration with Coinbase. This will allow Ledger users access to Coinbase Pay and buy digital assets.

According to a CoinDesk press release, bringing Coinbase Pay to the Ledger Live App is supposed to benefit Ledger customers. It will make it easier for them to receive their cryptocurrency purchases directly from Coinbase on their Ledger Hardware Wallet, without additional fees.

The crypto purists argue that in order to own crypto assets one must take care of them themselves. However, this integration shows that the centralized exchanges are still dominant in an industry which encourages users to keep their keys on their own devices.

Ian Rogers is the chief experience officer of Ledger. This isn’t Ledger’s first integration with a cryptocurrency marketplace or exchange. Rogers, a CoinDesk reporter, said that other integrations include Moonpay Ramp and Trasank.

Rogers told CoinDesk that there were 5.3 billion users of the internet, 5 billion users of social media, 500 millions crypto owners and 10 million people who had their own cryptocurrency in safe custody. “That is a very low number. For us, things like these are about furthering that narrative.

Bradley Keoun is the editor.