The shares of Coinbase rose as high as 16% on Tuesday, after the crypto exchange signed an agreement with Cboe BZX Exchange for a surveillance sharing agreement. This agreement will cover five of Coinbase’s spot bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF).

The shares reached a record high of $92.15

amendments made to the initial filings submitted with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday revealed that the agreement had been reached on June 21, for each of these requests. In the earlier filings, it was stated that “the exchange expects to enter into an agreement for surveillance sharing with Coinbase.”

The filing states that “On June 21,2023, the Exchange entered into a Surveillance-Sharing Agreement (“Spot BTC SSA”) with Coinbase, Inc., operator of a United States based spot trading platforms for Bitcoin, which represents a significant portion of US based and USD denominated Bitcoin Trading, and executed a term sheet associated with it.”

All five Cboe ETF applications were amended, including Wise Origin and WisdomTree. Invesco Galaxy, Invesco, VanEck and ARK 21Shares.

Recent ETF applications include the surveillance-sharing agreement (SSA), also known as SSA. Since years, the SEC has said that these agreements were necessary to prevent manipulation of markets.

Nasdaq has also signed an agreement with Coinbase. This was revealed in a June 29 filing.