CoinDesk Indexes and crypto investment company CoinFund launched jointly a benchmark which tracks Ethereum stake rates, and adds accoutrements to digital assets that institutional investors are expecting.

According to a announcement on Thursday, the Composite Ether Staking rate (CESR) would be calculated and published seven-days-aweek. The Composite Ether Staking Rate (CESR) is based on block rewards, transaction fees and maximal extractable value.

Alan Campbell, President of CoinDesk Indices said in a press release that “our partnership with CoinFund provides such a fundamental piece of infrastructure for crypto-assets markets.” We’re proud to announce CESR as a building-block for crypto-based financial services.

CESR is a new market infrastructure that allows a rate curve, a rate of discount (pillars in traditional finance) to be used to value assets. It also allows digital assets to have a price based on CESR.

In a press release, Roger Bayston, the head of digital assets for fund manager Franklin Templeton said that his firm was “very excited” about the launch because it opened new paths for the industry. This is especially true for TradFi firms interested in crypto.

CoinDesk Indices doesn’t have a specific launch date for CESR yet, but it says that will happen in the next few weeks.

Nick Baker is the editor.