Do users care about the inner workings of an app’s engine?

For those who are not interested in pure speculation, the censorship-resistance of crypto currencies and their global reach has been the most compelling value proposition. But just having technology isn’t enough. To really empower, spread and benefit those in need, infrastructure, products, and services are needed.

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Tricia Wang said, “Grassroots adoption is about making sure that you target everyday people,” during the interactive session on “Grassroots Innovation – Realizing Crypto’s Empowerment promise for Social Inclusion”, at Consensus.


Further, crypto developers may need to be “obsessively pragmatists,” which means they will be “culturally attuned” in order to find solutions that work for some users, but not others, as opposed to being dogmatic regarding crypto’s lofty ideals.

What are “winning design principles”, founders should concentrate on, if they wish to have a meaningful impact on users’ lives.

  • Should builders focus on scaling their product as widely as possible, or should they help users understand the product to the fullest extent possible?
  • Should the integration of crypto and blockchain be visible or hidden?
  • Should decentralization take place immediately or over time?

These choices are based on a variety of factors.