Court filings reveal that the bankrupt crypto lender BlockFi retracted statements about a wind-down strategy published on May 13 in response to an order by a U.S. court of bankruptcy.

A New Jersey Bankruptcy Court judge Michael B. Kaplan issued an emergency order on May 18, requiring the estate to issue a “corrective letter” clarifying that documents had been posted prematurely without court approval.

The documents in issue said that $1 billion in claims made against commercial counterparts such as the collapsed crypto exchange FTX, and its trading arms Alameda would be “the largest driver” of success in getting creditors their money. The disclosure statement was created to give clients the information they need to make an educated decision on whether or not to accept the plan.

BlockFi’s creditors have been in conflict with it since November when the company filed for bankruptcy. The latter blamed the poor management of the firm and its subsequent restructuring plans for its demise , even as late as May 15, .

BlockFi’s official twitter account posted the court-ordered notice on Friday. It said it had not yet approved “the estate’s ability to solicit acceptances for its plan.”

The letter stated that “a disclosure statement must first be approved by the Court, before any party can lawfully encourage you accept or reject a plan of reorganization.”

In the letter of correction, it was stated that the creditors and other parties did not support the plan. The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors believes that the plan releases litigation claims against current and former BlockFi directors and officers who committed significant misconduct which harmed BlockFi’s customers.

The hearing to discuss the plan of reorganization is scheduled for 20 June.

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Updated (May 22, 15.00 UTC): Headline rewritten to remove any ambiguity regarding plan withdrawal.

Sheldon Reback is the editor.