• The second week of the trial to determine if Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin has concluded.
  • Wright’s sister and two other witnesses appeared on the stand Friday to testify for him.
  • Wright left the witness stand on Wednesday, after being accused by his accusers of making false and irrelevant accusations.

BTC Price Index and Live Chart – CoinDesk”>(BTC), has just completed its second week.

The week ended in a creative way. Wright’s sister Danielle DeMorgan testified on Friday, recounting a blog she wrote in which she stated that when she heard Satoshi, an Japanese name, that she immediately knew it was Wright. DeMorgan wrote about the time when she saw Wright dressed as a Ninja in a park at the age of 18 or 19. She says this is why she made the connection. She said that Wright told her he worked on an important project in a computer room around 2007 or 2008.

Satoshi’s Bitcoin White Paper was published in late 2008.

Mark Archbold, Wright’s witnesses took the witness stand as well on Friday. He was in 2005 when he had a conversation with Wright about digital currencies and thought Wright was Satoshi due to the encryption software that he wrote during the 2000s. Cerian Jones was also asked on Friday. Her statement focused on how Wright’s Patents proved he may have been the inventor of bitcoin.

Jones stated that being associated with Wright was not a positive thing. When asked by COPA’s attorney Jonathan Hough why, Jones replied, “he is a very divisive person.”

COPA’s attorneys called his first witnesses “hazy”, and that their memories were not reliable, when they entered the courtroom. Wright’s testimony ended on Wednesday. COPA lawyers said that many of Wright’s claims were “lies.” COPA’s attorneys had also warned him earlier in the week to stop making ” unfounded allegations.”

The trial will continue next week. According to the court’s schedule, Wright will call more witnesses on Monday. David Bridges, Max Lynam and Stefan Matthews will be the next to testify. COPA witnesses will begin to be questioned on Tuesday. Wright is scheduled to return for a second cross-examination on Friday.

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