MultiversX (formerly Elrond), a blockchain focused on metaverses, has teamed up with the crypto browser Opera in order to support its growing ecosystem.

Opera users will be able to explore the decentralized web with the MultiversX integrated into the browser interface. Users can also transact using its native tokens, EGLD or ESD. They can connect to MultiversX based non-fungible Tokens ( NFTs), and access decentralized apps built on the network.

Beniamin Mincu is the CEO of MultiversX and told CoinDesk integrating the network with Opera will give users an easier path to the Web3 eco-system.

MultiversX, by being integrated into Opera’s browser suite is leveraging Web3 in a familiar and accessible way for users,” Mincu said. It’s an important step towards creating a low-barrier, simplified entry point into the world of Web3 assets and blockchain, allowing users to access the new digital economic system without having to understand its underlying complexity.

MultiversX is integrated into Opera desktop browser and Android, allowing access to MultiversX sites.

MultiversX wants to make Web3 accessible and interoperable for new users. launched xPortal in February. It is a platform that allows users to access metaverses and decentralized apps. has also recently teamed up Tencent to help build the Web3 strategy.