The Anoma Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on blockchain technology, has raised $25 Million in its third round of funding. The crypto-focused venture firm CMCC Global led the raise. According to a CoinDesk press release, the new capital will be used to further develop Anoma’s architecture, research and developments, ecosystem development, and strategic partnerships.

The Anoma Foundation, a Swiss non-profit, oversees Anoma – a full stack architecture that helps developers create decentralized applications – and Namada – a layer one blockchain that allows private transactions where each party can choose what asset they wish to send or receive. Anoma’s architecture could be used for decentralized exchanges and decentralized finance applications.

In a press release, Adrian Brink, Anoma’s co-founder, said that “Anoma” is the first generalized intention-centric blockchain architecture, which allows for truly decentralized applications. These include decentralized DEXs and decentralized rollup sequencing. “Anoma makes dapps a magnitude easier to create and a magnitude more composable than existing architectures like Ethereum/EVM.”

The round also included Electric Capital and other investors such as Delphi Digital, KR1, Spartan MH Ventures Bixin Ventures No Limit, Plassa Perridon Ventures Anagram Factor. In November 2021, Polychain Capital led a funding round in which the Anoma Foundation raised $26,000,000 .