As prices continue to rise, the amount invested in crypto investment products continues to increase for a forth consecutive week.

Data from CoinShares shows that digital asset investment products received net inflows of $114 million during the past week. Bitcoin-related products received $104 million, which is the majority. Bitcoin crossed $30,000 in the beginning of the week for the first since June 2022.

CoinShares reported that the four-week inflow now totals $345 Million.

CoinShares described the recent focus on bitcoin and related products as “a flight of safety by investors who are afraid of the continuing challenges in traditional finance.”

The net inflows of ether-related products were only $300,000. This was despite the fact that the Shanghai upgrade, which was completed successfully, led to the crypto’s price rising to $2,000 for the very first time since August 20, 2022.

According to the report on the blockchain-related equities, a net of $5.8 million was invested last week. This brings the total assets managed to $1.9 billion – the highest level since October 2022 – before the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX.

Stephen Alpher edited the book.