participants in the industry were disappointed that crypto did not appear during the first U.S. general election debate of 2024.

The first debate between the current president Joe Biden and the former president Donald Trump, each of their parties’ presumed nominee, was held in Atlanta, Georgia, by CNN. Jake Tapper, and Dana Bash were CNN anchors. The 90-minute discussion began with the economy, but touched on other issues such as abortion, immigration, and foreign policy. The debate was short on the economics section, and barely touched upon technology policy or the digital asset industry.

This election cycle, crypto has been a hot topic for politicians and candidates. But it really took off after Trump started discussing the issue on his campaign trail. He promised to commute the sentence given to Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht, and made statements about regulation. Biden hasn’t made any public comments about crypto. However, his administration said recently that he wanted to work with Congress in order to pass legislation dealing with crypto.

Biden’s voice was raspy, and he spoke softly throughout the evening. , according to reports, this was due to a cold. Trump’s voice was more resonant, but fact-checkers criticized his statements during the debate.

The crypto industry hopes that a Congress or administration will pass legislation more friendly to digital assets businesses. Participants are hoping to replicate the massive election spending from 2022. Companies like Coinbase and Ripple, as well as Andresseen Horowitz, have donated close to $50,000,000 each to political action groups like Fairshake in support of candidates.

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In the primary campaign, the industry scored a few victories. PACs funded ads against Rep. Katie Porter of California who was running for a Senate position and Rep. Jamaal BOWMAN (D) of New York in a primary election for his re-election.

The moderators asked about inflation, cost of living, and the national debt in the last few years during the first part of the debate on Thursday.

The Polymarket prediction market gave Trump better odds to win the November debate. Bets reached as high as $68 versus Biden’s 29 cents. Each share pays $1 if it is correct, and zero otherwise. This means that the market believes Trump has 68% of winning.

Marc Hochstein, Jesse Hamilton and Marc Hochstein edited the book.