Wintermute is a London-based cryptocurrency trading firm that also provides liquidity. It has announced its integration with CoinRoutes. This startup aims to assist crypto hedge funds, as well as other investors, in getting the best possible price for their trades.

According to a statement by Wintermute, the integration will “allow CoinRoutes users to benefit from a greater choice of liquidity providers that they can access via the platform.”

CoinRoutes was awarded a U.S. Patent in February for its ” cryptocurrency intelligent-order router“. This allows trading clients to use their own servers while storing reams and reams on data about historical crypto trades on regional servers. This setup lets traders avoid the costs of storing data on their servers. In some cases, this can cost up to $25,000, according to CoinDesk’s co-founder Dave Weisberger.

In a statement, Wintermute’s chief operating officer, Marina Gurevich said that “our deep liquidity combined with CoinRoutes intelligent-order routing” will help market players achieve a better quality of trading and streamlined execution.