Taurus, a Swiss crypto custodial firm backed up by Deutsche Bank, has partnered with Teylor a Zurich fintech lending platform specialized in the German SME market, adding to the trend of tokenized assets.

The companies announced on Thursday that Taurus’ TDX market can accept Teylor’s credit portfolio tokens for secondary trading. Their structure was overseen and supervised by the law firm Allen and Overy.

Taurus cofounder Lamine Brahimi said that the tokenization process is a Luxembourg-based vehicle, and it is compliant with Swiss regulations and European ones. Brahimi said in an interview that the tokenized debt product targeting the German SME market would receive a “landmark investment” from institutional investors within the next two week.

Brahimi stated that Taurus also has a business in the TDX market, besides custody. We have completed 20 transactions and more. These include tokenized equity and debt, structural products, and art. It’s already over $1 billion in terms of nominal value.

Tokenization has become a global phenomenon. It’s therefore not surprising that Switzerland, a crypto-friendly country, is now giving institutional-grade blockchain treatments to varying asset classes.

Investors like Barclays Bank (BARC) in the UK are backing Teylor. The company offers loans ranging from 100,000 euros to 1.5 million euro to Germany’s vibrant Mittelstand. In an interview, CEO Patrick Stauble revealed that the fintech firm had offered loans worth just under $25 million last month.

Stauble explained that “we give loans to companies that have revenues between 5 and 50 million dollars, which is a bit too large for a branch of a bank, but not too small for the corporate finance department.” The loans that we will tokenize are for German companies, from import/export to industrials, chemicals, and precision machinery.

Parikshit Miishra is the editor.