OnChain Studios is the Web3 collective that created Cryptoys, a company which produces non-fungible (NFT). The group plans to incorporate a chatbot for children into its digital collectibles based on characters.

Parents can customize the chat filter in the AI software, ChatGuardian to ensure their children have appropriate and safe conversations with their NFT character. Parents can log in to Cryptoys’ Guardian Control Center at their convenience and ban specific keywords or topics.

Cryptoys believes that the addition of ChatGuardian to its NFTs will enhance kids’ experience with them as they interact with their digital toys. The company acknowledges that AI can be a source of uncertainty and worry, but there is no need to fear – this will not turn out like a M3GAN doll gone wrong.

Will Weinraub is the CEO and cofounder of OnChain Studio, and Cryptoys. He told CoinDesk, that children born in an age of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence should be able interact with characters from their favorite intellectual property ( IP) franchises as opposed to “faceless robot companions” such as Google Home.

Weinraub said that the AI-based functionality is similar to what kids are used to and has become so natural. But it comes with their favorite characters. “That is a major focus, and it’s done in a secure way. That is why ChatGuardian has been built.”

ChatGuardian will become more sophisticated and intelligent as AI advances. Alfonso Martinez said that in a recent press release, the company’s top priority was to maintain safety standards while providing technology that would put parents at ease.

“We believe in the future AI, and its amazing ability to bring some of our favourite characters to life and have our kids play with them like they’ve never played before. But none of this matters if it isn’t on a platform as safe as possible,” Martinez said. “That is what we strive to achieve.”

ChatGuardian is a product that OnChain Studios developed over the last two years. It will be first integrated into cryptoys’ ZooF-O series, a native collection of animal-themed collectibles, featuring big-eyed cats, dogs, and pandas. It will be rolled out first to existing Cryptoys Collectors. In its second release, it will include additional kid-safe validations.

Cryptoys, which raised $23 million from a16z crypto investment company, Dapper Labs, and Mattel toy manufacturer Mattel by June 2022 after , has focused on building its products and partnerships in preparation for its AI dive. and Mattel released a series of digital Action Figures that were inspired by the Masters of the Universe movie in November. Cryptoys and Disney partnered in May to launch a Star Wars-themed series of NFTs featuring characters from this iconic film franchise.

Toby Leah Bochan is the editor.