The war of words that erupted between Elon Musk, a tech billionaire, and Mark Zuckerberg led the two men to challenge each other to cage fighting.

The dispute began after Meta Platforms Inc. META, -9.5%, the parent company of Facebook, hinted that it planned to launch a rival social media platform to Twitter. Tesla Inc. TSLA, +5.46%, CEO Musk purchased last October for $ 44 billion.

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Musk, who has been trolling Zuckerberg — on Twitter — said Wednesday: “I’m ready for a cage fight if he’s lol.”

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AFP reported that Zuckerberg replied on Instagram by posting a screenshot with the Musk message. The response was: “Send Me Location.”

Meta confirmed to AFP the message came from Zuckerberg.

Recently, Zuckerberg posted videos of his martial arts training. Musk has been a rival of Zuckerberg’s for years. They have clashed publicly over a variety of issues including AI.

Under Musk, Twitter is struggling to retain advertisers who left the site when Musk allowed right-wingers who had been banned from the platform to return. Musk fired over half of the staff during his first few weeks, and he had to hire some back after recognizing that they were required for essential functions.

These cuts were made to product managers, engineers, and data scientists who work on machine learning, site reliability and other roles that are vital for the smooth running of various company features.

The monetization-infrastructure team, which maintains the services that make money for Twitter, was cut to fewer than eight people from 30.

Musk is also said to have stiffed vendors and clashed with landlords after failing to pay the rent for some of his company’s offices.

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Twitter user @TrungTphan pointed out that Musk and Zuckerberg are not the first to try to settle a disagreement in the ring. In 1992, the CEOs of Southwest Airlines (then) and Steven Aviations (then) settled a trademark dispute by holding an arm-wrestling contest that was called “Malice in Dallas.”

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Tesla’s stock fell 3.3% in premarket trading, while Meta dropped 0.7%. Tesla’s stock fell the most in over two months after Barclays downgraded its rating.

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