The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has taken over the oversight of crypto-promotions with the approval by the Financial Services and Markets Act, which was approved at the end June.

The FCA announced on Monday that influencers who don’t get paid but who post on social media in the hopes of getting hired or to gain more views themselves, fall under the promotion rules, along with those who are paid.

The FCA stated that if they do not have the approval of an authorized individual, then they may be “communicating a financial promotion illegal”, according to them. Influencers that fall under the FCA rules will need to ensure their promotions are not misleading and fair. According to the document, memes, which are images with text superimposed on top, and copied across multiple accounts, can be considered financial promotions.

Before the FCA got involved, crypto promoters on social media were under scrutiny. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the self-regulatory body for the advertising industry, told Jessica and Eve Gale, former contestants of the U.K. reality series Love Island, to stop misleading Instagram followers by posting pro-crypto messages.

In June, the FCA published their promotion rules for crypto firms. They stated that airdrops and other financial incentives would not be allowed. Also, crypto companies must include clear warnings about risks in their ads. After the new financial promotion regime is implemented in October, registered crypto companies will have a limited period of time to approve their ads .