Fidelis Insurance Holdings Ltd. (FIHL, -7.61%) shares were jeered on Wall Street in their Wall Street debut as they opened at a price 6.4% lower than the initial public offering of this reinsurance firm. The company reported that 15 million shares had been sold, with a little under half being sold by the company, and the remainder by shareholders. This is down from the previous expectation of 17 million shares. The initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $14 per share. This is below the expected price range of $16 to $19 per share. The first trade of the stock was at $13.10, at 12:35 pm Eastern time for 916105 shares. The company’s value was $1.53 billion at that time. The company went public during a period of increased investor interest for IPO shares. For example, the Renaissance IPO ETF IPO , -1.47% , has risen 15.1% in the last three months, while the S&P500 SPX, has gained 9.1%.