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After a spike to 20-month highs in the last week, it appears that bitcoin has settled into a range. Trading between 42,000 and just above $43,000 during much of this past week. The biggest cryptocurrency is now priced at $42,600. This represents a 0.65% drop in the past 24 hours. CoinDesk Market Index, which provides a weighed view of the entire digital asset market, has also fallen by a similar amount. The crypto market has shown signs of moving sideways throughout 2023, with a high degree of spot BTC ETF excitement already factored into asset prices.

sales of Solana’s smartphone are surging , thanks to a 30-million-BONK token airdrop available to Saga owners . Solana cofounder Raj Gokal said Thursday that “Saga sales >10xed in the last 48 hours and are on track to be sold out before the New Year.” Gokal’s colleague, Anatoly Yakhenko, said they had to increase the price because of the surge. BONK, Solana’s version of the dogecoin meme coin, is credited with the turnaround of Saga’s fortunes. Users on Discord said that they bought the phone in order to benefit from the airdrop.

Qredo, the crypto custody firm, has closed Ankex. . Michael Moro has moved on. He was previously the CEO of Genesis Trading. Ankex tried to combine a noncustodial DeFi with elements familiar to professionals traders, such as a centralized limit order book, in an earlier year. But its “development has paused,” said the exchange in a statement to its community. Ankex, which some of you had tested earlier in the year, was ready to launch a public beta. Our path is halted at this point. Ankex was just a victim to unfortunate timing, as the crypto market slowly emerges from its prolonged bear-market.

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