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Prices: As Asia’s trading day starts with a slight rise in Bitcoin, and a dip in Ether experts predict a market correction before the FOMC, underlining the resilience of digital assets amid US regulatory challenges and debt.

Insights The decline of the Bitcoin options put/call proportion suggests that crypto investors have less concern than in June when U.S. legislators clashed about raising the country’s national debt ceiling.

Bitcoin And Ether Are Still Thriving

As Asia opens its trading day, Bitcoin is up 0.1% at $27,109 while Ethereum is down slightly at $1,890.

Joe DiPasquale, BitBull Capital, says that the focus this week is correction and consolidation ahead of the next FOMC minutes being released on June 14.

In a CoinDesk note, he said: “We were expecting a consolidation and correction between the $25K and $27K level. That’s exactly what we have seen over the past month.” “While we haven’t seen a major test at $30K, a second attempt to reach the key resistance level wouldn’t be surprising.”

Mark Connors is the head of research at digital asset manager 3iQ. He says it’s impressive how the digital asset market continues to thrive despite the hostile regulatory climate in the U.S. The market is still concerned with the unprecedented amount of debt issued in the U.S.

Digital assets are taking matters in their own hands, he wrote.

Connors writes, despite the focus of 2023 on Bitcoin’s increasing dominance and surging fee amid a challenging U.S. regulatory environment, Ethereum’s post-merge performances, including an unexpected lack of impact from staking securing, increased staking demands, and realized deflationary promises with over 250k ETH burned, are gaining market attention.

He told CoinDesk that “while the fate of $500 trillion in equity and debt markets depends on the ability for central banks and Treasury departments to provide liquidity, bellwether digital currencies bitcoin and ether take care of business and the market responds – even though institutions and regulators do not,”

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The Bitcoin Put/Call ratio has declined following recent debt deal

Data from derivatives shows that a key metric, which tends to increase when the bearish sentiment is high, has recently decreased. The current bitcoin options put/call is 0.47 across exchanges, down from a ratio of 1.34 at the beginning of June.


A put is a right purchased by the buyer to sell an asset at a specific price. The call, on the other hand, is a right bought by the buyer to purchase the asset. The relationship between them can be a good indicator of investor sentiment, especially when they are at extremes.

The volume of calls and puts purchased over the last 24 hours is measured. Levels above one indicate bearishness and levels below 1 the opposite.

The recent drop in protection indicates that traders are less likely to buy downside protection for future price drops. The increase in protection at the end of last month was probably due to the recent debt agreement between Democrats and Republicans.

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