According to a Wednesday court filing, the lawyers of crypto exchange FTX have requested that a U.S. court of bankruptcy in Delaware award more than $323.5 from FTX Europe’s leadership.

Lawyers representing FTX Trading Ltd., Maclaurin Investments Ltd., (owned by Alameda Research), the hedge fund arm for the bankrupt FTX Empire, asked the court to return funds transferred to Patrick Gruhn and Robin Matzke. Brandon Williams and Lorem Ipsum UG are the leaders of FTX Europa.

Sam Bankman Fried and the FTX group paid around $323.5 millions for the acquisition Swiss Company DAAG. This company would eventually become FTX Europe. The lawyers claimed that the company was a small business with no intellectual property, other than a “businessplan.”

The filing stated that “FTX Insiders pursued DAAG because they believed DAAG founders would provide access to European Regulators, which would allow FTX obtain the licenses necessary for activities within the European Economic Area. They also wanted to benefit Williams and Matzke who already had relationships with Bankman-Fried.”

The lawyers alleged the FTX Europe management received excessive earn-out payment of nearly $100,000,000 in connection with the acquisition of K-DNA, a company already licensed to operate within the European Economic Area, which was subsequently incorporated into FTX Europe for only EUR2,000,000.

The lawyers also asked that the court stop any remaining payment to be made to FTX Europe’s leadership. The filing stated that the deal involved more than $376 millions, and of this $52.5 million was the remaining obligation.

Lawyers argued that FTX Europe is not a valuable asset and cannot be sold. A Swiss court granted FTX’s request to investigate the sale of FTX. In March, FTX Europe started the process to allow customers withdraw their funds.

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Sam Reynolds is the editor.