Gnosis, an Ethereum sidechain, has announced that two new products could allow consumers to pay for online purchases with stablecoins or Visa’s payment system.

Gnosis released Monday GnosisPay and GnosisCard, the first decentralized payments network that integrates with a traditional payment processor, and the first Visa certified consumer debit card connected directly to a self-custodial on-chain wallet.

Gnosis Card will use the Visa payment system and be a debit-card directly linked to the user’s account on the GnosisPay decentralized payment network. Safe wallets will function as a user’s bank account. Every Gnosis card will be linked to that account.

Gnosis Pay is also a layer two of the Gnosis Chain, enabling quicker and cheaper transactions.

Stefan George, the co-founder of Gnosis Pay and chief technology officer at Gnosis, said to CoinDesk that “from a user’s experience point of views, it’s the same as everyone is used to, but underneath the hood, you’re using crypto to settle payments.”

George had been on a skiing trip in the French Alps when he exchanged ideas with a payment processor SaltPay. George was explaining the blockchain technology and how it can be used in everyday life.

“The idea was that we could work together and bridge the gap between what we do and what they do. George told CoinDesk that this is the only way to increase adoption of crypto. “We need to build bridges with the old world.”

Gnosis spun off Safe last July as a different business, but the close relationship between the two entities continued, as can be seen by the use of Safe wallets within Gnosis’ newest products.

George explained that the relationship was symbiotic. Safe is supporting Gnosis Pay by developing smart contracts. We are now using these contracts for each card being shipped.