Author and host of Layah Heilpern’s Show.

Layah Heilpern, author, podcaster, and crypto influencer has an impressive 606,900 followers on Twitter. Her tweets are unapologetic but sometimes controversial.

She told Hall of Flame that she “speaks truthfully about things”, and admires those who do the same.

Heilpern, unlike many other influencers who are represented by expensive talent agencies and fancy management companies, decided to keep everything in the family. She hired her brother Gideon to be her manager.

There’s no-one I trust in this world more than my brother. “I can depend on him 100 percent,” Heilpern said.

Heilpern isn’t afraid to tell the world that her mother is prettier than Madonna. It’s not as impressive as before.

She briefly worked as a reporter for Chinese state-run media in 2019, when she became a Business and Finance Correspondent for an offshoot of China Central Television.

She reveals that she used to work for China’s Global TV Network, and was a journalist working on behalf of the Chinese government.

I did a report on Huawei Technology. All the Chinese people were around me to check what I said and what I didn’t say. We’re told to write a fluff report rather than a good one.”

She lost her journalism career when she went down the rabbit hole of cryptography.

Heilpern was obsessed with Bitcoin and published a book in 2021 called Undressing Bitcoin: a Revealing guide to the world’s most revolutionary asset despite the fact that she had “always been terrible at English when I was in school.”

What has been her greatest career achievement? She claims that nothing beats interviewing the CEO of the largest crypto exchange in the world. [Hall of Flame interview Heilpern before the recent SEC allegations against CZ and Binance.]

“[A highlight of my career was] interviewing CZ during the Binance Blockchain event in Dubai, where I served as the host and MC throughout the entire conference. CZ is a crypto powerhouse and innovator. “Interviewing him live was amazing.”

Heilpern has made an impression on CZ as well, since they are often seen joking around on Twitter.

What made Layah Heilpern famous on Twitter?

Heilpern, who has been using Twitter for more than a decade, says there’s no way to grow a following without putting in some work.

“You tend to gain a following when you tweet each day. I believe it’s because I tell the truth about some things. “I think people thirst for the truth… whatever it may be.”

She says that the more credibility you have, “the easier it is for you to gain more followers.”

“I can get 50,000 followers within a month. It could take someone two years.” “So, it becomes quite rapid growth at some point,” she says.

The fame aspect of the world doesn’t excite Heilpern.

What can you expect from Heilpern’s twitter account?

Heilpern isn’t trying to be a sugar-coated: her content may not appeal to everyone.

“It is very freedom-oriented.” She explains that it’s anti-system and Bitcoin focused, as well as uplifting and positive personal responsibility.

She does not feel the need for her to appeal to everyone.

“I am very direct; I believe there is a market gap for that. “So, they just run to me,” she says.

Heilpern says she has to be more careful about her words as her audience grows and be more aware of her safety.

“My words carry more weight now, so I don’t have the same amount of jokes.” But I try to not censor myself excessively. I have to be cautious about sharing my personal information. I will do less of that.”

Heilpern is not afraid to take potshots at companies worth billions of dollars.

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Enjoying the Twitter feed of Heilpern

Heilpern is happy to find people who share her views on Twitter, whether it’s in crypto or politics. She loves honesty and hates bullshit.

I like people who are willing to call out the nonsense that is happening in our system. I dislike people who pander their audience. “I like people who say things as they are without apology.”

Layah Heilpern price predictions

The Bitcoin Price Prediction by Heilpern for the rest of 2020 isn’t going to make you jump out of your chair.

“Over the next 6 months, towards the end 2023, I’d say that we will continue to move in the same direction.” She says, “I don’t believe we’re going any higher than $34,000 or $35,000.

She is confident about Bitcoin and what it can do in the next 12-24 month.

She says that financial advice is not given.

Heilpern claims that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by “early 2025”.

Heilpern is unable to recall if she purchased XRP or Bitcoin first. However, she admits that she “sold XRP instantly.”

“I really don’t have any predictions about the other [cryptocurrencies]. She says, “I just think that they are all very unpredictable shitcoins.”

Heilpern , who is for Ethereum and has no interest whatsoever in the currency, does not expect it to drop any time soon.

I believe that Ethereum’s price will continue to increase, considering how much is built on it. “I don’t like Ethereum because I believe it is controlled by elites and is not decentralized.”

Ciaran Lyons

Ciaran Lyons, an Australian cryptojournalist, is a member of the Crypto Journalists Association. He is also a comedian, and has worked as a presenter for Triple J, SBS, and The Project.