• Craig Wright was present when Ignatius Pag, Robert Jenkins, and Shoaib Yoursef were brought to trial on Thursday.
  • Lawyers from the Crypto Open Patent Alliance have questioned the accuracy of the memories of three witnesses.
  • The trial to determine if Wright is Satoshi, the creator of bitcoin, is still going on.

Lawyers from the Crypto Open Patent Alliance questioned Craig Wright’s witness’s memories in a trial that is currently being held to determine if Wright really is Satoshi Nakamoto, as he claims.

Three witnesses gave virtual testimony, including Ignatius Pan, who knows Wright since 2007. He recalled Wright asking him in 2008 to build a LEGO chain, which Wright compared to a Chinese recursive-chain puzzle.

Robert Jenkins, another witness, said that Wright and he discussed concepts related to bitcoins and blockchains in 2009 or 2010.

Shoaib Yoursef, who was the last to testify on Thursday, stated that he had discussed digital currency in the late 2000s with Wright.

Jonathan Moss, the attorney for COPA, asked if witnesses could recall accurately events that took place “16 years ago.” Jenkins and Yousef both agreed that it might be difficult to recall events so far back.

Moss said to Jenkins: “I think you’ve confused dates and details because you are looking at the past with hindsight, knowing what you know now.”

Jonathan Hough made a similar comment to Pang, another COPA lawyer: “All I’m saying is that this hazy memory is not a reliable memory.”

BTC Price Index and Live Chart – CoinDesk”>(BTC). Wright took the stand himself last week, and was questioned for a full week. The session ended on Wednesday.

On Friday, three more witnesses are expected to testify.

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