In Morocco, buying a car using Bitcoin can result in a $3.7M fine and prison time.

In Morocco, buying a car using Bitcoin can result in a $3.7M fine and prison time.

The Casablanca Court of Appeal confirmed the conviction of Thomas Clausi, a 21-year old French national for using cryptocurrency illegally.


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In Morocco, a crypto user who bought a luxury vehicle with Bitcoin ( BTC), was sentenced to 18 months of prison and fined $3.7 million. The country still views the use of cryptos as illegal.

A recent report by Euronews has stated that the Casablanca Court of Appeal has upheld the conviction of Thomas Clausi, a 21-year-old French citizen, on charges of fraud and illegal use of cryptocurrency.

Clausi’s attorney, Mohamed Aghanaj said that the court had confirmed the verdict the previous week. This ruling shows that the Moroccan judiciary is strongly against the use of cryptocurrency in the country.

Clausi was arrested in 2021 for using BTC to buy a Ferrari, because Moroccan customs considers cryptocurrency use to be an illegal transfer of funds. Clausi was arrested in December 2021 for “fraud” as well as “use of foreign currencies to pay within Moroccan borders.” He was sentenced to prison and fined the following October.

Clausi’s legal case began when a woman from Casablanca accused him of fraud after exchanging a luxury car in exchange for Bitcoin payments of approximately $437,000.

Aghanaj claims that Clausi has one month to go in prison.

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Morocco, despite its illegal status within the country was hailed in 2021 as the top BTC trading in North Africa. According to Triple A in Singapore, which is a cryptocurrency provider and aggregator company, approximately 0.9 million Moroccans, or 2.4% of the entire population, own cryptocurrency.

The country is now working to finalize its crypto regulatory framework, which will define cryptocurrency in its market legally according to the central bank.

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