• Fairshake is trying its best to stifle the Senate campaign of Rep. Katie Porter before she can reach the California general election.
  • The super PAC wants to convince young crypto-owning voters to take a different path, in order to prevent an ally to crypto critic Elizabeth Warren from being added to Senate.

A major crypto industry political operation Fairshake is trying to make sure that the U.S. Senate does not get a twin of its Washington adversary Sen. Elizabeth Warren(D-Mass.). By trying to disarm U.S. Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., in the final hours of the primary election battle for her state.

Porter, a progressive politician in the mould of Warren, has left her seat as a swing district to run for the California Senate seat left vacant by the death Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

She is a young candidate with a youthful base, a demographic that is similar to the type of people who are interested in crypto. Fairshake, a political action (PAC) which has raised tens and tens millions of dollars from the digital asset sector, is using some of its millions to ask crypto holders to choose someone else.

Josh Vlasto told CoinDesk that Katie Porter needs to win this critical block of voters in order to move forward. We are making sure that the 8,000,000 crypto owners in California, who are disproportionately younger voters who support Democrats, know about her hostility towards the technology and how it would harm American jobs.

Vlasto explained that the group will be running targeted social media ads to reach these voters.

Porter, unlike Warren, hasn’t been as vocal against the crypto industry. She’s only criticised the energy consumption of the crypto mining industry . Porter is an ally to Warren and could work with her if she was placed on the Senate Banking Committee.

Fairshake targets crypto voters on social media with direct ads. (Fairshake)

Fairshake has received nearly $90,000,000 in donations from the crypto industry, including $4.9 Million recently donated by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The PAC claimed to have spent over $6 million against Porter.

Super PAC ads had suggested that the congresswoman received money from corporate donors. Her campaign, however, called these assertions “a plot to mislead” and claimed that “billionaires and special corporate interests are using misinformation to rig elections.” The Sacramento Bee confirmed that the ads were misleading.

In the California election, Porter is in a battle for second place. This is in a system where the two top candidates from any party advance to the general elections. Porter will need to surpass Steve Garvey by the end of next week to make it to the final ballot. Adam Schiff, a Californian Democratic congressman, has been leading the race since the beginning.

Porter’s congressional campaign is on the line if she finishes third in the March 5 primary. She has left her hard-won Orange County district and will not have any legislative power if she does. If Schiff maintains his lead, she will only have a chance to close the gap by November if she can gain a few percentage points.

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