LI.FI, a cross-chain crypto bridge aggregator, launched a new insurance tool on Tuesday that will protect users from the risks associated with moving assets between blockchains.

LI.FI works with InsurAce to develop “Bridge Insurance”, which offers coverage for hacks and malfunctions that could drain the funds of users. InsurAce’s product covers losses caused by “error in slippage” on the decentralized exchanges that are involved in the transfer.

Insurance against bridge failures may offer some relief to users who have lost their funds due to the -Ronin exploit. This exploit, and others, have cost hundreds of millions of dollar. Insurance coverage provides financial protection to individuals in the event of an unexpected loss, such as an exploit that drains protocol.

LI.FI is not yet at that level. As of press time, claimed that it was covering around 130 transactions worth $15,000 across eight chains. The bridge cover fund’s starting amount is currently $200,000. As a new product, InsurAce told CoinDesk via Twitter that they would start small and increase their capacity to meet demand.