MetaMask, the self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet from Consensys, now allows users to buy cryptocurrencies via Robinhood – a popular online trading platform.

MetaMask customers can now purchase digital assets through Robinhood, and Robinhood users can transfer their crypto assets from their Robinhood accounts to MetaMask.

MetaMask’s “Buy Crypto feature” now includes the Robinhood Connect fiat-crypto conversion service.

On-ramps serve as a vital piece of infrastructure that serves as a link between the traditional banking rails, and the blockchain-based crypto-economy. It is important to get users onto web3 applications.

Robinhood launched its own on ramp feature in April to allow users to fund their cryptocurrency wallets without leaving a decentralized app.

Lorenzo Santos is a senior product manager for Consensys. In a press release, he said: “We know crypto and internet users are looking for greater control and ownership.” This will allow more people to access crypto in an easy and convenient way, as it offers more options for buying with providers that they already trust and use.

The European Union (EU) has comprehensive digital asset regulation. This is the reason why Robinhood , a U.S. based company, expanded their crypto trading services outside the U.S. in December.

Nick Baker is the editor.