Microsoft (MSFT), and the decentralized data platform Space and Time, are collaborating to provide developers with real-time data on blockchains directly through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

This move comes seven months after Microsoft’s venture capital arm M12, , led a strategic funding round of $20 million for Space and Time.

According to Statista, the marketplace is an online store that provides applications and services on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. It was second only behind Amazon Web Services in terms of the largest cloud infrastructure service providers in the third quarter.

Space and Time provides real-time data from major blockchains, combined with datasets off-chain provided by customers. The result is a hybrid database with pre-loaded real-time data from blockchains.

Azure Marketplace allows developers to manage, analyze and access blockchain data with a single click. Businesses can use the blockchain to build without having to change their current tech architecture.

Nate Holiday, Space and Time’s co-founder and chief executive officer, told CoinDesk that “Partnering and building with Azure makes a great deal of sense to us and adds tremendous value to our organization.”

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Parikshit Miishra is the editor.