Mt. Gox appears to be making progress in its repayment of customers that lost 850,000 BTC, now worth $33 billion, during the hacking of 2014.

Former customers of the crypto-exchange have reported that they received an email asking them to confirm their identity and account information on , the mtgoxinsolvency group.

The emails confirm that the recipients will be paid in bitcoins or bitcoin cash (BCH), to the account they have previously designated with the crypto exchange.

Mt. Gox, which was founded in 2010, was the largest crypto exchange in the world at the time the hack occurred in 2014. The company was able to recover about 20% of the funds. Some customers received payouts of yen in December to their Paypal account.

It is possible that the repayment of bitcoins could have an impact on the price of BTC due to the sheer number of coins released. This would be especially true if it coincides with acceleration inflows into exchange-traded fund(ETFs) or the halving of bitcoin in April.

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Stephen Alpher edited the book.