Onramp Investment has joined CoinDesk’s subsidiary CoinDesk Indices to offer financial advisors better tools for customizing and creating portfolios.

According to a release, financial advisers can use Onramp’s marketplace to access CDI’s indices. This will give them options to offer clients with varying risk tolerances and preferences. In a statement, Eric Ervin CEO of Onramp Invest said that the combination of CoinDesk Indices market intelligence and Onramp’s access and flexibility provides advisors with unprecedented growth opportunities for their clients.

Onramp will offer CoinDesk Currency Select Index, CoinDesk DFX Select Index, and CoinDesk Currency Select Index. According to the press release, these indices were built using CoinDesk Indices Digital Asset Classification Standard(DACS). They are designed to measure market capitalization-weighted performance for some of the biggest, most liquid digital asset.

Financial advisers are looking for more sophisticated, customizable products to track the markets as more traditional financial (TradFi firms) push into crypto.

Andy Baehr said that the rules-based methodology of CoinDesk Indices’ indices was robust and comprehensive. “We believe this provides a significant value addition,” he added. “Advisers who use Onramp Marketplace can use CDI indexes to develop customized solutions for their clientele.”

Onramp , which connects traditional finance players to digital assets, raised $7 million last year in a Series-A funding round, led by JAM Fintop & EJF Capital.

CoinDesk belongs to the Digital Currency Group.

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James Rubin is the editor.