According to a release, users who had assets on the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX or lender Celsius Network are now able to trade them on the Open Exchange.

FTX owes up to $8 billion in debt to its customers following the collapse of FTX last November, which caused a general crypto market decline. According to its bankruptcy filing, Celsius owes users $4.7 billion.

Resolution of bankruptcy claims may take some time. Folkvang , a Cayman Island trading firm, told CoinDesk in February it expected its FTX claims, which wiped half of its trading capital, to take up to eight years to resolve. Cashing out your claim on OPNX will allow you to skip the waiting period. Claims currently sell for $0.30 each on OPNX’s rival Claims market.

Mark Lamb, founder of OPNX, said: “With claim tokenization we offer customers immediate liquidity and the chance to regain their control over funds. We also allow them to participate in opportunities on the market once more.”

Users will receive reborn OX tokens (reOX), or oUSD which is the platform profit and loss currency, when they sell their claim. Tokens can be used to secure trades on OPNX.

OPNX is co-founded by CoinFlex’s Mark and Leslie Lamb, along with Three Arrows Capital’s Kyle Davies and Su Zhu.

Three Arrows Capital fell as one of the very first dominos in last year’s bear market for cryptocurrency. The company imploded when a highly-leveraged trading strategy went wrong, causing a wave liquidations in the cryptocurrency industry.

Sheldon Reback is the editor.