The parliamentary floor leader of South Korea’s ruling People Power Party wants a new bill requiring lawmakers and high-level government officials to declare their cryptocurrency-related assets to take effect within two months, earlier than originally planned, according to a Tuesday report by Yonhap news agency.

Yun Jae Ok, in remarks made to reporters by Yun Jae, said that the original bill was scheduled to be implemented in December. However, he suggested it could be modified to move the date forward to one or two month.

Yun, a reporter reported, said that “given the high level of interest in the public, particularly among lawmakers, it is not appropriate to implement the law six month after its promulgation.” Yun, according to reports, said that he asked the leader the Public Administration Committee for a modified version. A vote on the proposed law is scheduled to take place this Friday.

The South Korean financial watchdog reported Kim Nam-kuk to local prosecutors earlier this month for a set of crypto transactions that were deemed suspicious. Kim, who previously co-sponsored legislation to defer taxes on digital assets, claimed he had not cashed out his tokens or violated any laws.

Yun also claimed that Kim cashed 250,000,000 won ($189.942) in coins between February and March of last year. This is a much larger amount than the 3,342,000 won ($4,500,000) that Kim said he had cashed earlier.

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Sandali Handagama is the editor.