Revolut and MetaMask have teamed up to bring you Revolut Ramp. This feature allows users to top-up their MetaMask accounts with their Revolut accounts.

In the U.K., and European Economic Area (EEA), users will be able to purchase crypto directly into MetaMask Wallets. This is an effort to make adding cryptocurrency to self-custody Wallets easier. The press release stated that users can pay using their Revolut balance or Visa or Mastercard.

This partnership is about giving users more control of their crypto in a simple and straightforward manner, on platforms that they are already familiar with.

Santos said that the platform also played a vital role in encouraging broader adoption of crypto, opening up crypto to a wider audience.

According to an email received by CoinDesk, Revolut announced that they would be launching a cryptocurrency in February aimed at “advanced investors.” Revolut offers crypto services for many of its 40,000,000 customers.

In December, the company halted crypto services in the U.K. for its business clients citing new rules by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on crypto promotions.

Nick Baker is the editor.