Cardano and Solana, two crypto currencies ( ADA ) dropped more than the broader market on Tuesday. This was just minutes before the trading app Robinhood delisted them at 6:59 p.m. ET. ET.

Robinhood announced on June 9 that it would stop supporting ADA, SOL and MATIC by June 27 “based [on] [their] most recent review.” This decision was made after the SEC’s lawsuits against Binary and Cobase named the three tokens as securities.

According to CoinDesk, ADA and SOL fell by 2.3% and 1.8% respectively over the last 24 hours. The CoinDesk Market Index was up 0.6% during the same period. Polygon was flat. Since Robinhood’s announcement on June 9 that it would no longer support the three tokens, the prices of the three crypto assets dropped by more than 5%. The CMI has risen about 9% in the same time period.

Robinhood users will now be able trade 15 different crypto currencies including bitcoin (BTC), dogecoin(DOGE), avalanche(AVAX), and ether (ETH). None of these were listed as securities by the SEC in its lawsuits.

Nelson Wang is the editor.