Solana Mobile is planning to launch a new smartphone to capitalize on the success of the first smartphone that was crypto-ready, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The new phone will be cheaper and have different hardware. It will also include the same features as the predecessor called Saga, including an onboard wallet for cryptos, custom Android software, and a “dApp Store” to store crypto applications. When it was first released last year, the original phone cost $1,000 but prices were later reduced due to poor sales.

It’s possible that the new Solana Mobile device could help to cool down a secondary market for Saga smartphones, which has become extremely hot. A factory-sealed Saga phone was fetching bids on eBay at $3,200, five times its previous price.

The backers of Saga were then preparing to abandon their experimental phone. It had attempted to create a mobile platform for crypto traders, NFT collectors and other users but was unable to find a large enough market to justify its existence.

The situation changed instantly when crypto traders realized that the phone included BONG tokens, which more than covered its price. The Saga was sold out in less than a weeks time.

Saga phones have continued to pay dividends to their owners in the following month, with different projects airdropping lucrative NFT and tokens to the 15,000 Saga phones out there. These airdrops have strengthened the Saga community and encouraged more Solana developers into developing mobile applications.

Solana Mobile’s representative did not respond to a comment request immediately.